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Secretaries Portal

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Terms of Use

About the Portal

UK Athletics Limited, England Athletics Limited, Scottish Athletics Limited, Welsh Athletics Limited and Athletics Northern Ireland ("The Athletics Governing Bodies", "we", "our", "us") provides the Members, Club Secretaries and County Officials' Secretaries Portals ("the Portal") to help you perform your important role on behalf of UKA, Home Countries and Clubs.

  • Members Portal provides you access to your own information.
  • Club Secretaries Portal provides access to information about members of your club, including their names, contact details and membership status.
  • Official Secretaries Portal provides access to information about Officials in your area, including their names, contact details, qualifications and current licence status. For more information about what the role of County Officials' Secretary entails, see see here.
  • About Data Protection

    Information about people on the Portal will be "personal data" under data protection laws and must be used "fairly and lawfully" (which usually means getting consent from the person to whom it relates); kept secure, accurate and up to date; and not transferred outside Europe without "adequate protection" (amongst other legal obligations).

    Stricter rules apply to information about a person's heath (including any disability), race, political and religious beliefs, criminal record and trade union membership (known as "sensitive personal data”. Separate, overlapping regulations also apply to emails and other electronic communications which may constitute "direct marketing". For more information about data protection, see the ICO website: (

    About these Guidelines

    Everyone who uses the Portal needs to be aware of and comply with the data protection requirements outlined above. These Guidelines are designed to help you do that. By accessing the Portal, you agree that you will follow these Guidelines, and any other instructions given by UKA in relation to the use of information on the Portal. Failure to do so may result in access to the Portal being withdrawn, and in other disciplinary or legal action. If you have any queries about these Guidelines, please contact

    The Guidelines
    When entering personal data on the Portal:
    • Do ensure personal data is entered/updated accurately
    When accessing and using personal data on the Portal:
    • Don't access or use personal data on the Portal except as necessary for your role
    • Don't disclose personal data on the Portal to any other person without permission from UKA
    • Don't print out or export personal data from the Portal unless it cannot be avoided
    • Don't put personal data from the Portal on the internet (except within the Portal)
    • Don't access the Portal, or take/transfer personal data from the Portal, outside Europe, without UKA's permission
    When using contact details obtained from the Portal:
    • Do only send communications via the Portal
    • Do only send communications on behave of competition providers that are relevant and provide experience opportunities for officials
    • Don't send communications except as part of your role
    • Don't send communications which are not relevant to the recipient's role in athletics
    • Don't send communications promoting paid-for goods and services.
    • Don't use old mailing lists: only send communications via the Portal
    • Do take care over the content, suitability and frequency of your communications
    • Do contact immediately if you receive any complaints about use of anybody's personal data or contact details
    • Do contact immediately if you receive a request from any Official for access to their personal data on the Portal
    • Do make it obvious that you are sending the communication as part of your role
    Data Security when accessing the Portal:
    • Do prioritise data security: organisations have been heavily fined for data security breaches
    • Do take special care when accessing the Portal outside your home
    • Do make sure that no-one can see your screen when using the Portal
    • Do remember to log out when you have finished using the Portal
    • Do use a "strong" password, change your password regularly, and keep it secure
    • Don't allow another person to use your Portal log-in, or tell anyone else your password
    Where you cannot avoid printing out/exporting personal data from the Portal:
    • Do keep any print-outs of information from the Portal are kept in a locked filing cabinet/room
    • Do shred any print-outs of information from the Portal when they are no longer needed
    • Do ensure that any laptop, memory stick or other portable media containing personal data exported from the Portal is encrypted
    • Do ensure that electronic copies of personal data from the Portal are securely deleted when no longer needed, especially where media on which they are stored is being discarded

    Do ask if you're not sure. Please contact DPO@UKA.ORG.UK with any queries about these Guidelines.